Used Electroplating Equipment and Supplies for electropolishing, chem film, plating and anodizing


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Used and Refurbished Rectifiers (all sizes)

For pricing and availability call us.  If you have plating or anodizing equipment to trade or sell, give us call.

Complete 50 gallon per minute waste treatment system with chrome destruct, cyanide destruct, metal reduction, clarifier, sludge tank, etc.  It has 12 stations, all pumps, meters, control panel, and most importantly the original schematics

54 ton anodizing chiller complete with schematics and was used for only 6 years before it was taken out of service.  Will sell with or without Teflon cooling tower and external circulation pumps to circulate coolant and circulate anodizing solution

Rack Plating Line with 10 foot tanks by 4 foot that can be used for zinc plating, tin plating, nickel plating, and so on.  Comes with heaters, rectifiers, filter pumps, electric hoist, and more

Barrel Plating Line with 9 foot tanks by 4 foot that can be used for zinc plating, tin plating, nickel plating, and so on.  Comes with barrels, heaters, rectifiers, filter pumps, electric barrel hoist, electric heated spin dryer, and more

Plating barrels from 2 feet to 4 feet in length complete with motor

300 gallon double wall electroless nickel line with two electroless nickel tanks, rinse tanks, metal prep tanks, Teflon heat exchangers, 316L stainless nitric strip tank, filter systems, etc

salt spray test station complete

Small 16 station lab line with 48x18x18" compartment tanks, fume hood over entire station

Small 8 station lab line 24x18x18" compartments with fume hood

Small 16 station lab line with 24x18x18" compartments with fume hood

Various plating thickness testers, spectrophotometer, lab equipment,

hull cell set ups with all supplies

Complete anodizing line with two 10 foot anodizing tanks, and 6 foot rinse tanks, six foot dye tanks, and six foot seal tanks.  Comes with Teflon cooling coils, electric hoist, stainless heat exchangers, filtration pumps, anodizing rectifier w/ remote control, agitation blower

SMALL TO MEDIUM PLATING RACKS - Click here to see sizes and prices

used plating racks electroplating fixtures Tank elecroplating or electropolising racks

Reconditioned blowers for air tank agitation ranging from 0.33 HP to 20HP.  Prices starting $320 and up, depending on size.

We have rectifiers that range from under 100A to 5000A.  We also buy used equipment and we also consider trades toward the purchase price of anything in our inventory, new or used.

Rectifiers - SCRs, Powerstats, or Taps (by Rapid, HBS, Aldonex).  We have over 200 rectifiers in stock.  They range from 10 amps to 3000 amps.

 Various rack mounted electroplating, anodizing, and electropolishing rectifier Medium sized plating and anodizing rectifers for the following processes - electropolish, Type I anodizing, Type II anodize, Type III anodizing, cadmium plating, zinc electroplating, nickel sulfamate plating, and much more

Filter Systems and pumps.  We specialize mainly in medium to large 0.33HP-1.5HP IN TANK filter systems  by Flo King, Serfilco, and Webster.  Pictured below are some of our Webster and Flo King used over the side complete filter systems

Filter pumps for all electroplating chromating anodizing and electropolishing needs

We also sell Metering Systems by LMI and Technic

Immersion electric heaters 120/208-240/440-480V - teflon, quartz glass, titanium

  Buffing machines for plating and anodizing shops

Available are four super nice used buffing machines starting at $1,900 to only $4,400


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